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A Platoon of NCC(Army wing) was opened in the college in November1985.All bonafide students of the institution are eligible to join NCC provided they meet the physical standard of fitness laid down for enrolment.Students desirous of joining NCC are required to collect Enrolment and GIS form(for new entrants only) available in the Office of platoon Commander and appear for a Screening Test for selection on a date fixed by the Platoon Commander.Each cadet is required to deposit Rs.4.00 as Regimental fund & Rs.10.00 as Cadet Welfare Society Fund annually at the time of enrolment.

NCC(Lady Wing)
As per the direction from D.G,NCC,New Delhi enrolment of girl students started from the session 2004-05.As per the specification,33% of the total strength of cadets has been reserved for them.

  1. Training
  2. An N.C.C Cadet is required to undergo four hour of Training every week for 20 weeks in a year.
  3. In addition to the weekly training cadets are required to attend two CAT/D.G organised Camps and courses during their tenure in NCC in order to qualify for Certificate “B” Examination after 2nd year and Certificate “O” Examination after 3rd year of Training respectively.
  4. Service Liability

A cadet shall obey and carry out the orders and directions of any person placed in command over them.The following actions will constitute breach of discipline according to NCC Acts and Rules of 1948.

  1. Wearing uniform when not in parade or not engaged in service duty.
  2. Resorting to strike or violence or any sort disorderly conduct in or outside the college premises.
  3. Any kind of threatening, insubordination, use of vulgar language, exhibition of objectionable behavior or contempt to the Officer in Command.
  4. Negligence  in obeying a general or unit order or such other actions as mentioned in the NCC Act and Rules.

All the above offences and acts of indiscipline will be seriously dealt with and cadet will be liable for punishment as provided under NCC Act/Rules.


A cadet will be eligible for the following benefits if he conducts himself well and completes his training successfully and obtains Certificates.
A cadet will get the following extra percentage at the time of admission into a college.

  1. “A” certificate holders   5%
  2. “B” certificate holders     5%
  3. “C” certificate holders    10%
  4. RDC Parade at New Delhi  10%
  5. NCC “B” and “C” Certificate holders get extra percentage of marks for recruitment to Army/Navy/Air force/ITBP/BSF/CRPF/Coast Guard Units/CISF, etc.
  6. For  “C” certificate holders there is provision for 40% reservation in the Service Selection Board if the cadet passes in the written test conducted by UPSC for Commission Officers.

Besides these, “C” Certificate holders get the following reservation benefits.

  1. IMA-64 seats per course.
  2. Naval Academy,Cochin-6 seats per course.
  3. IFA-10% in Flying Branch and 10% in other Branches.
  4. Military Nursing Service-24 seats per course.
  5.   Additional marks are given for recruitment to JCO and Graduate HAV-Clerk and other Ranks in the following manners.

ArmyNavy/Air force ,  BSF , NER/MER  , DES/Artificer
Certificate “A”           3              2              2                              5              5              4
Certificate “B”           6              4              4                              10           10           6
Certificate “C”           9              6              6                              15           15           10
Besides,a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces can nominate a cadet only belonging to his own province to Army/Navy/Air force in other ranks.Two cadets are sponsored annually Directorate wise to Commissioned Office.CISF is giving preference to “B” and “C” Certificate holders in direct recruitment of officers to the rank of Asst.Commander.Coast Guard also gives weightase of 15 marks to NCC Certificate holder in CRPF.Relaxation of minimum percentage15% is given to NCC “C” Certificate holders for recruitment to Gazetted posts i.e. Coy.Commander,QM/Dy superintendents etc.

  1. The sergeant of police cadre of state,Special Armed Police Force is exclusively reserved for “B” and  “C” Certificate holders.Impression marks are given for recruitment to General Police Cadre.
  2. (a) There is provision for foreign tours to seven Common Wealth Countries for the best cadets of the state NCC contingent,Govemors NCC  Scholarships and Gold Medals (Value Rs.3,000/-) are given to cadets who perform well in  the Replubic Day Contingent camp and BLC held at Delhi every year.Each cadet of the above contingent is given Free Multi clothing and Rs. 500/- cash award.Besides, the following incentives are given for outstanding performance.

                          Governor                 CM                      Dy.D.G.
Best cadet            Rs. 1000/-               Rs.500/-              Rs.400/-
Cross country       Rs.500/-                   Rs.400/-             Rs.300/-
Other Activities Rs.300/-
Duke of Edinburgh Gold,Bronze and silver Medals are given to the   Best Army Wing Cadets.
(c) COAS scholarship of Rs. 300/-  per month is given to the Best Army Wing cadet.
(d) DY.D.G. NCC scholarship of Rs. 700/- for SD/SW cadets and Rs. 500/- for JD/JW Cadets are given to the cadets securing more than 75% of marks in 10th  and 12th standard Examination having NCC in previous years.
(e) Sports Scholarship of Rs. 100/- per month is given for 10 months to based J.R  and sub Jr.NCC Hocky player .
(f) state GOVT. Scholarships qorth Rs.2000/- is given to SD & SW cadets.
G1S benefits : NCC cadets welfair socite gives finatial ascitance at the following rate for accidents occurred in an organised NCC activity.
Death cvase                                                  Rs.2,00,000/-
Permanet Disability                                        Rs.1,00,000/-
Temporary Disability                                       Rs.50,000/-
All NCC cadets enjoy the unique opertunity of attending very intersting and adventurous all india campous 7 courses like CATC, RD & PM’s Rally, RD Baners, BLC, ALC, NIC, youth exchange pograms , Mountiainneerimg. Snow skiing , Rock climbing, Trekking , Moter Cycle 7 Moped 7 Cycle Expeditiion, parachutring, Sky Diving, Power Flying, Gliding, Rafting & Kayaking and Ice-Skating, Micro light Flying , slithering and Abseiling.

NCC Cadets will have to attend the Social Services like Slum Clearaqnce, Village Upliftment , Eye-Donation , Blood Donation, Cheshire Home, AntiDowry Drive. Anti-Leprosy Drive, Adult Education, Trafic-Control, Tree Plantation, Jatra Camps, Road Constructionj, Visit5 Places of Histrical Importance, Assistance during National Calamities and cultural shows etc.


Notice Board


Topper's of College

Avijit Puhan
+3 Final year (2014)
Rank - 1
Kamal Prasad Nayak
+3 Final year (2010)
Rank - 1

Addmission 2013-2014


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