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Exam Regulation

  1. College Examinations are very important for the students. On no account the college examinations should be avoided. A student must sit for the follow examinations.
  2. There shall be two examinations, the First Terminal and the Annual for the first year class of higher secondary course. The First terminal examination will be held in December/January and the annual examination will be held in April-May.
  3. A Per-Test Examination for the second year higher secondary classes before or after puja holidays (if possible) and a test examination in December-January.
  4. A Test Exam, for 1st / 2nd / 3rd year degree students prior to university exam.
  • Every student is required to appear at all these examinations, in order to earn his progress certificate. However annual and test examination are compulsory and unless a student appears at the annual or test examination as the case may be he/she may be penalized in any manner to be determined by the staff council.
  •  Absence from any examination, whole or part, will make-a student liable for payment of a fine of Rs.2/- per paper or as may be decide by the staff council unless he gets exemption from appearance at the examination.
  • Application for exemption from appearing at the examination will not ordinarily be entertained. In exceptional cases application for exemption made by parents or guardians duly supported by a medical certificate in case of illness and endorsed by the concerned proctors may be considered by the principal.
  • A student failing to secure qualifying marks in the college examination or promotion to the next higher class.
  • Adoption of unfair means at college examination is a serious offence and penalty shall be decided by staff council.
  • A student may be fined and/or expelled for infringing rules of examination discipline as to be decided by staff council.

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