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Dr. Swapnananda Rath, Reader in Zoology
: Reader in Zoology
Father’s Name
: Dr. Shanti Shekhar Rath
Date of Birth
: 4.7.1958
Permanent Address

:A/M-12, V.S.S. NAGAR ,
  Bhubaneswar-751007, Odisha ,
  Mob.9437206050 ,

Blood Group
: A +ve
Date of Joining in Govt. Service
: 7.5.1981

Educational Qualification

Exam Passed Board/University Year of Passing Class/Grade  
B.Sc Utkal University 1977 First Class with Distinction
M.Sc Utkal University 1979 First Class
M.Phil Utkal University 1988
 Ph.D Utkal University 1995

History of Posting

from Place of posting      To
07/05/1981 MPC College, Baripada


10/07/1981 SCS College, Puri


30/06/1989 BJB College, Bhubaneswar


20/07/1992 Govt. Women’s College, Berhampur


1/09/1995 Bhadrak College, Bhadrak


27/08/1997 SCS College, Puri


28/07/2001 BJB Junior College


15/12/2012 J.K.B.K.Govt. College,Cuttack


Notice Board


Topper's of College

Avijit Puhan
+3 Final year (2014)
Rank - 1
Kamal Prasad Nayak
+3 Final year (2010)
Rank - 1

Administrative / Executive experience:

Name of the Institution / Department / Organisation Designation  Nature of post Nature of assignment Period (Give date)  Length of experience
Directorate of Mass Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar Dy.Director & Director I/C


Imparting Adult Education in Odisha 11/07/2007 to 31/08/2001

05 yrs 01 month


Research projects undertaken:

1. UGC Major Research Project on “Faunal Diversity, Population Density, Growth & Reproductive Modes of Lizards of Orissa.”2001-2004 (Completed). Total funding Rs.3,11,560/-

Ph.D. Guidance:

Dr. A. Pal (2006), “Biology of Sitanaponticeriana(Sauria:Agamidae). Utkal University. (awarded).


National Journal:

1. S.K. Dutta, S. Mishra &S. Rath (2001). Breeding and Development of Polypedatusmaculatus (Anura: Rhacophoridae) – Pranikee- Journal of Zoological Society of Orissa (Special Volume), pp. 121-134.

International Journals:

1. SwapnanandaRath and Arttatrana Pal (2007).Age determination in Fan-Throated Lizard, Sitanaponticeriana (Cuvier). Indian Journal of Gerontology, India, 21(1): 1-8.
2. S. Rath, S. Mishra, S.K. Dutta (1996). Morphometric and sex ratio analysis of Indian tree frog Polypedatusmaculatus(Anura: Rhacophoridae), Zoos’ Print, 2(5) : 23-29.
3. Arttatrana Pal, MitaliMadhusmita Swain and SwapnanandaRath (2011). Reproduction and sexual dichromatism in Sitana ponticeriana (Reptilia: Draconinae: Agamidae). Taprobanica: The Journal of Asian Biodiversity Sri Lanka, 3(1): 31-37.
4. Arttatrana Pal, MitaliMadhusmita Swain and SwapnanandaRath (2010). Growth and Demography of Fan-Throated Lizard, Sitanaponticeriana (Sauria: Agamidae) from a tropical environment in India. The Herpetological Bulletin, London 111: 25-35.
5. Arttatrana Pal, MitaliMadhusmita Swain, SwapnanandaRath(2010). Observations on Microhabitat use and activity patterns in Sitanaponticeriana (Sauria: Agamidae). Russian Journal of Herpetology, 17(1):22-30.
6. Arttatrana Pal, MitaliMadhusmita Swain and SwapnanandaRath (2009). Long Bone Histology and Skeletochronology in a Tropical Indian Lizard, Sitanaponticeriana (Sauria: Agamidae). Current Herpetology, Japan 28(1): 13–18.
7. Arttatrana Pal,MitaliMadhusmita Swain and SwapnanandaRath (2007). Seasonal variation of diet in the Fan-Throated Lizard, Sitanaponticeriana (Sauria: Agamidae). Herpetological Conservation and Biology, USA, 2 (2): 145-147.


a. S. Rath, P. Mahapatra, S. K. Dutta & P. MohantyHejmadi (1989). Effect of vitamin –A on the Hind Limb Regeneration of Polypedatesmaculatus Grey tadpoles (Anura: Rhacophoridae). Proceedings 76th Ind. Sc. Cong. Part III (Abstracts) Section VII:21, Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries.
b. S. Rath& S. K. Dutta (1993). Breeding and Development of Rhacophoridae: A case study. Cellular & Molecular aspects of Developmental Regulations: International Symposium of Indian Society of Developmental Biologists, University of Poona, pp.49.
c. S. Rath& S. K. Dutta (1994). Egg laying behavior and Clutch size of Polypedatesmaculatus (Anura: rhacophoridae). proceedings 8th All India Congr. Zool., Utkal University (Abstract): 96.

Participation in State, National and international Seminar /Conferences/Symposia/workshop etc:

• Symposium on “Zoological Research in 21st Century”, 5-7,Feb, 2000, PG Department Of Zoology, Utkal University.
• International Symposium of Indian Society of Developmental Biologists, Univ. of Poona, 1993.
• 8th All India Congress of Zoology. P.G. Department of Zoology, Utkal University, 1994.
• 76th Indian Science Congress, Madurai 1989.
• National Conference on Prior Learning: A key to lifelong learning, 29-30th June, 2012, New Delhi.


• Represented All India Civil Services in Badminton, 2008.
• District Badminton Champion (Doubles), 1987
• Utkal University Athletic Club, Volly Ball & Hockey, 1978-79

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